Top 10 Best Lip Liner Reviews


Definitely Lip liner is a cosmetic product, and we are all aware of the same. Well, lip liner is used to give the smooth finish to the lips. It is also called a lip pencil in regional dialects. Furthermore, the actual purpose behind using a lip liner is to cover the uneven lining of the lips. Considering the fact that we humans are the naturally made organisms we are equipped with many irregularities. 

Applying lip liner maintains the clean finish of the lipstick and keep the freshness for the longer duration of time. In lame language, we can define the lip liner as the boundary-making element on the lip to avoid spreading of the lipstick. These lip liners are available in numerous colours and their shade. Also, they include invisible formats for natural effects. 

The product can be purchased in the tube as well as in a pencil format. The broader range of availability of lip liners in the market does confuse the customers about the best product till the date.

Here we will be listing the top 10 lip liners 2020. 

Bite Beauty Lips Pencils:

This is one of the most renowned lip liner brands in the market. Makeup artists who work in Bollywood, Hollywood and fashion eras have found using the Bite beauty lips products.

Customers have considered the brand as their favourite due to the comfortable and vibrant looks it gives. Meanwhile, the Bite Beauty lip liners go well with the international lipstick brand named as Amuse Bouche Lipsticks.


1. The texture of the lip liner is entirely creamy and smooth. 

  1. The vibrant and shine look, it gives is phenomenal.
  2. The brand is famous for not letting the lipstick dry and help it last for the longer duration.
  3. The colours included are exclusive and goes well with the range of lipsticks.

Aqua Lipliners

This is the worldwide used lip liner brand so far. The most fantastic thing about this lip liner is the efficiency of the lip liner was tested under the water. It was an entire five-hour testing session for the lip liner. The brand is particular about reliability and product quality.


  1. As the name states, the product is entirely waterproof.
  2. It includes the fatty supplements of Vitamin E, which are suitable for the lips.
  3. The product has the use of Jojoba Sax.
  4. Its Smudge-free.
  5. Don’t fade and faint after a long time too.
  6. It is also comfortable.


The product is recognised for the assured long-lasting use. It is friendly with various shades and lipstick colours. Users and clients suggest the work to be one of the best long lasting lipliners available in the international market.


  1. It is the long-lasting liner.
  2. It does not smudge and spread in water. (Water resistant)
  3. Don’t include the added pigments and excess use of chemicals.
  4. Weightless-colour.
  5. The classy and shiny look can be acquired by the use of this liner.
  6. Economically feasible. Costs around only $18 to $19.


This Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil is mostly rejoiced for providing the moisture to the lips. The speciality lies in the non-drying feature of the brand. 

Features include:

  1. Smudge-free lipliner for eight hours.
  2. Free from highly used chemicals and parabens.
  3. No sulphates and phthalates are included.
  4. Have a glossy and velvet cover finish.
  5. The soft and shiny finish on the lips.
  6. Available in broader range and colours.

Lakme 9 to 5 lip liners:

Well, the product is considered best for buying. Being affordable and acceptable for its performance Lakme 9 to 5 is considered among this list of best products on the bench.

Features of Lakme 9 to 5 include:

  1. NO need for frequent touch-ups.
  2. It provides the long-lasting finish on the lips.
  3. Smooth and get settled quickly on the lip alignment.
  4. Waterproof(water-resistant)
  5. This is the cosmetic which is tested by dermatologists. 
  6. Priced at affordable and pocket acceptable rates.
  7. Available in the range f six glossy and mat colours.

Rimmel Exaggerated Automatic Lip Liners:

These are the Lip liner pencils available in the multiple shades. Some of them include Addiction, Eastend Snob, Epic, Obsession, Red diva and Ultimate.

Features of Rimmel Exaggerate Automatic Lip liners are as follows:

  1. They do have a better-staying power.
  2. It Stands very acceptable to the price.
  3. Long-lasting and smudge-free strokes.
  4. Only one stroke of Rimmel makes you have a new look by itself.
  5. They are smooth and have a cream-like texture and consistency.

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Liners

Well, this is a go-to cosmetic product must be included in a women’s purse. If you are off to a party on short notice or in a rush, a single stroke of Max factor will make your day. Speaking about the feature, they are as follows:

  1. It is bit costlier compared to the other lip liners mentioned in this article.
  2. It gives accurate and precise shade/stroke with a single application.
  3. Once applied, need not worry for the rest 5 to hours.
  4. The texture is creamy and gives a comfortable feel too.

Chambor Velvette Touch Lip Liner:

The product is absolutely meant for the party use. It gives a greasy and shiny texture. The velvet touch provided by the Chambor product is fantastic for the parties and celebrations of all time.


  1. It gives the defines lip structure and alignment to lips.
  2. Enhances the beauty of lip shape, providing a better finish.
  3. Vitamin E content in the lip liner makes it glossy and keeps lips hydrated for the longer duration of time.
  4. Dermatologically tested product simplifies the doubt for the skill reactions.
  5. Available in only three colours brown, pink and red.

Deborah Extra Lip Pencils

Easy to apply and lasts for a longer duration. The product is used at many international photoshoot events and by recognised makeup artists.


  1. Smooth and easy to apply.
  2. Suitable for daily use and office use.
  3. Affordable and available at multiple e-commerce stores.
  4. Avoid featuring and colour bleeding.

Lotus Herbals Seduction Lip Contour Definers:

This is the only product of having 100 per cent vegan items and credentials in it. The sharp features and easy sharpening for the pencil is the most acknowledged approach of the lip liner.

Features are as follows:

1. Doesn’t allow the lipstick to peep out of the lips.

2. Include the limited agenting and pigmenting in the product.

3. Easy sharpening ability.

4. Smudge-free.

5. Affordable.

6. Meanwhile, the product doesn’t assure the reliability rate and long-lasting feature.

Things to Consider:

  • Lip liners are prepared using elements like wax, colour pigments and different oils. They are meant to outline and hold the lipstick. Japan wax is the most used wax material in the lip liners.
  • When you choose the lipliner to make sure you select the lighter shade than your lipstick colour.
  • Also, don’t forget to select the shade bit brighter than the original colour of your lips.
  • If you are confused about using a liner or not try the pencil outline if it suits you, and you are comfortable with it, go ahead with liner.
  • Applying a liner is not compulsory; it just helps your lipstick to last the more extended colour proficiency and appearance. 
  • Don’t run behind the brand to please yourself and others. Select the brand that suits your lip moisture and shines ratio. 
  • You can apply the lipliner without lipstick too.
  • There are various methods to learn line your lips, including the boundary circulation, covering the corner parts of lips and many more. Before you apply liner on your party makeup, make sure you have tried the look before.
  • Many beauticians and makeup artists expressed the concern of testing the liner before the final application.
  • Finally, get ready to look beautiful with lip liners.


Therefore, a wide variety of products exist in the market. All are good in their own way. The application of particular lip liner lies in the content they pursue. Cosmetic products are delicate and sensitive. If one product suited well to an individual, it doesn’t mean that it will prove acceptable to you too. Try the lip liner observe the effects and performance and decide whether it will work for you.

The above mention products/brands have proved their efficiency to many. That made them include in our list. Meanwhile, I look forward to exploring the cosmetic brands in the market to select the appropriate for you.


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