DIY peel-off face mask recipes

DIY peel-off face mask recipes

The attention of people towards the DIY Peel off face mask has increased rapidly because of its advanced and natural results which can be used by anyone. You can prepare it by yourself at your home with the help of natural ingredients present in your kitchen. It is very easy to prepare them and easy to apply them. Also, they show a very good result In terms of providing glowing and acne-free skin. Many studies and research has shown that this natural ingredient present in the home-made mask or way better than the synthetic products available in the market.

What are the Benefits of the DIY peel-off mask?

First of all, The very important thing which is to be noticed is that this home-made mask is free from the synthetic materials to end harsh chemicals which are used in the market products. Apart from this, these masks have several benefits which are suitable for all types of skin. You can easily prepare them within minutes at the home with the help of natural ingredients present in your kitchen and also it can be reapplied and reuse several times. It gives you wonderful skin tone and glowing skin within the application of two or three times. And you will start noticing its result from the day first after using it.

5 easy DIY peel-off face mask recipes ingredients

1. Egg white and lemon juice Peel off mask.

The first very common ingredients present in your kitchen Which can be used to prepare a very healthy and effective DIY peel Off face mask is the use of egg white and lemon Juice In such a way that it will benefit you in the best way. The property of egg whites helps in the tightening of the skin while on the other hand, the acid in the lemon juice helps the skin to remain clean and free from the blackheads. Also, the mixture of these two things will help your skin to remain green throughout the day and it also provides proper nutrition which is very necessary for maintaining the hydration and glow on the skin. Only impurities of the skin will wash out after you use it. The presentation of this mixture or mask is very simple. You can take a normal bowl in which you can mix the egg white and lemon juice gently and then apply it on your face with the help of your fingers keeping your eyes untouched. Once you apply this, you have to remain this untested for around 20 to 25 minutes and then you can wash it with lukewarm water so that you will get the best result out of it.

2. Milk and unflavoured Gelatine peel-off mask.

Another Very healthy and effective face mask found which can be paid in the home is the use of milk and unflavoured Gelatine Which helps to discover blowing in healthy skin which looks good as well as spot-free. Also, it will give you immediate results which are very unexpected from the home-made recipes. You will not believe that you will start noticing your skin glowing die just the first trial. Another face mask which is available in the market takes a very long time to show results. But this home-made mask is very effective and healthy. You will not regret applying this because it will show the results just after the first wash. To prepare this mixture or mask, you need to take one spoon of put in the plants in a bowl and then you can apply them gently on the face Just like you did the previous recipe. If you want the best result, Then you have to apply this in the night. Or you can also use a simple brush which has a soft texture so that your skin will not get damaged or you will not get any kind of rashes on your face.

3. Charcoal and Gelatine peel-off face mask.

The property of the charcoal is very well known Miley people that it’s activated charcoal help in the removing of unwanted blackheads and fulfilling the skin pores with proper hydration and nutrition. Also, charcoal is widely used in many kinds of beauty treatments. The very widely known property of the charcoal is that it removes the impurities and toxic elements or impurities from the skin Just in one use. If you try this mixture then it Will be very beneficial for you because it will give you glowing skin along with the removing of skin acne. The preparation of this mixture or mask is very easy In simple But you need to add both these ingredients in a simple bowl till the time it gets a thick paste. After remaining it for 30 seconds you can add a small amount of water in it so that the mask can we apply generally on the face with the help of fingers. After applying this mask on face, you have to wait that it will give you a cooling effect. After this, you can wash your face with lukewarm water gently.

4. Gelatine, honey and lemon peel-off mask.

The property of honey is widely known by the people because of its antioxidant property. It will give you a clear and glowing skin when you use it with the lemon and Gelatine. It is the most appreciable mask which is widely used by people all around the world. People are believing in this mixture because the overall property and nutritional value present in this mask are very helpful and beneficial for your sensitive skin off the face. Also, it is very important to use the proper and effective ingredients on your face because the skin of your face have sensitive area and only limited kinds of products can be used to get a glowing and healthy skin. The preparation of this mask is very simple and easy to apply you can take a small amount of all the three ingredients in a bowl and then mix them with the help of a spoon. You can also keep them at a normal temperature or cold temperature, it is not an issue. After preparing the paste, you can apply it gently on the face with the help of your fingers and then you can wash them after 20 minutes.

5. Milk, almond and glycerin peel-off mask.

The properties of almonds and listing are very well-known By the people in the world. It has the antioxidant quality and can be easily available in the market at any grocery store. The glistening heavenly property of providing proper attention to the skin and it can be applied on any part of the body because it is free from harsh chemical elements and can be generally applied by the hands. You will not get any kind of rashes or experience any kind of side-effects by the use of glycerin. To apply this mixture, you can add milk, smashed almonds and glycerin in a bowl and then apply them on the face wash them with lukewarm water to get amazing results.


To get a healthy and glowing skin which looks moisturised and hydrated, you can follow any of these five recipes which can be prepared at home. This peel-off Face-mask is very safe and easy to apply on your face. You will get amazing and healthy results after applying this on your skin.


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