List Of Hobbies For Men Over 40


According to studies, almost 70% of men in their 40s get into the trap of modern life or work like crazy. They are just sleeping, eating, and watching web series in their spare time instead of practicing productive hobbies. They are always wondering what to do in their spare time and invest themselves in idleness to combat boredom. They always throw excuses that they have busy schedules; therefore, they can not go for particular learning. But it is not a good idea, though. No matter how busy you are in your life, indulging in a hobby is always a good idea. Leisure provides an innovative outlet for all the energy accumulated in you while honing your skills and abilities. Any activity that is sure to help you learn new things and limit your watch TV shows, especially after the 40s, is the time to watch. So if you’re looking for a new hobby to try out, here’s a great list of hobbies for men over 40 to choose from.

Physical activity

In the list of hobbies for men over 40, you will find many physical activities to adopt. And by doing so, you will be great in your field and become experts. So it is not bad to strengthen your skills by making them your hobbies. There are various things for you to choose from. Now start to find out the best activities that suit your skills.


Cycling is another highly recommended activity for a man above 40 year of age. In morning time, you can ride a bmx bike as it is very easy to ride and have a good control. There are many options available online as well as offline where you can purchase qualitative bmx at afforadable price that will not make burden on your pocket. Also, this activity will makes you feel young, fit and healthy.


If you are in your 40s, then gardening is the best hobby for you. However, it is a bit complicated to open the earth to plant various plants and shrubs. It will keep you busy and provide you with something to do. Besides, if you buy the right equipment to work the land, you will save a lot of maintenance, and you can even save on food and eat healthier.

If you are thinking about it carefully, dedicating your spare time to gardening can be very successful and can even accumulate you an extra income. You will only require dedication and strength.

Martial arts

To find a sport that helps you balance mentally and physically and does not necessarily require the use of the equipment (traditionally found in the gym), you can go for martial arts. You can take a look at the different martial arts options that are at your disposal so that you can practice them as soon as possible.

Martial arts are an integral sport. It trains you physically and has a reflective and spiritual side. Besides, the trainer will give you the necessary tools to defend yourself at any given time.


In the list of hobbies for men over 40, you will find this physical activity, i.e., sports. Although every man does not love sports, it is still the best option for middle-aged men, especially those who enjoy watching sports.

For men, sports are ageless, and you are never too old to be a skillful sportsman. But it requires greater physical build, which will connect you to adventurous activities. However, it is not bad to do something adventurous, as it gives you extra energy and will make you feel young from within.


You couldn’t be more wrong if you are one of those who think that cooking is for the ladies. Because according to studies, men who invest themselves in cooking will tend to get more time for their family and also enjoy every bit of this activity.

If you enjoy good food and are good at combining ingredients, you should pick this activity from the bucket of hobbies for men over 40. It will seriously allow you to delight others with your talent. Moreover, you will eat healthily and always have a good dish on your table without calling any food service.

Peaceful Activity

If you want something that will not involve adventurous physical activity, you can check the list of hobbies for men over 40 for peaceful things to adopt. Here are our recommendations:


If you are good at imagining and describing them through the words, you can do blogging. However, many people don’t like to go with this activity because it requires a lot of time to invest. It is good for middle-aged men, as they are quite experienced.

Besides, having a blog can be a great idea because it will let you expertise in writing skills. For this, you have to fill your blogs with useful information to others.


Now in the modern era, taking striking images with mobile phones has become a hobby for everyone. From a young age to the elderly, everyone wants to fill their gallery with wonderful images. Therefore we included photography in the list of hobbies for men over 40. They can also do some photography in their spare time.

By learning photographic composition techniques, you can discover the hidden beauty in landscapes and common places. It is a hobby closely linked to aesthetics and even documentary and denouncing how people live in various parts of the world. You can have specialized equipment such as a drone to take images of landscapes.


An interesting entertainment for men is collecting things because it is an activity-rich in nuances. You can collect coins and bills, sports cards, stamps, movies, science fiction sagas, comics, model cars, and celebrities’ signatures, etc. without a doubt, it is an activity with many possibilities.

Learn Foreign languages

It is also good for middle-aged men to learn foreign languages, as it will increase their professional personality.

Learning a foreign language belongs to the group of things that you may think are done more out of obligation than hobbies. But if you are one of those who have a passion for learning something new, then putting yourself in a new language course will open lots of doors. You will meet different people and cultures, and surely you will make a few trips.


Many men love fishing because it is a quiet activity that allows you to contact nature. For this, you will require to be in a place where you will easily find a lake nearby and a fishing rod.

Fishing is considered a sport but is undoubtedly also an interesting distraction that involves strategy, patience, knowledge of psychology, and animal ecology.

If you are living in a place nearby a lake, then start fishing and make it your hobby.

Adventurous activity

Many people want to do something adventurous, even in their 40s. But they barely involve in adventurous activities due to lack of time and load of work. But don’t worry, there is still something adventurous in the bucket of hobbies for men over 40. You only need to pick anyone that dictates your skills. Let’s review them:


In the list of best hobbies for men over 40, we placed camping and backpacking in the second position. It is a great idea for those middlemen who enjoy survival style. Because going on camping can help them improve their health and put aside the stress of technology. Besides, it will provide them enough time to spend with their partner and kids.

Furthermore, going backpacking with only the basics on your shoulder in a nice backpack also means living on the edge and getting to know many cultures. If your work allows you the time you need to do, this is a great way to pass the time.


Being in permanent contact with nature through hiking is another hobby of interest for the men. It is an activity where you are one with the environment, and you must put into practice a series of strategies that will help you defend yourself in emergency cases. It is always recommended to go on a group excursion in case of problems and equip yourself with quality equipment. For this, you will require a good individual tent, the right footwear, and a backpack that can hold everything you need for your trip.


It is not a hobby for everyone, as it connects with many risks of danger. There are greater possibilities for aged men to take risks in comparison to young. Therefore we put this hobby in the list of hobbies for men over 40, instead of young generations.

Today the laws have become stricter with the persecution of some species of animals. However, knowing hunting can mean the difference between being fed and dying of starvation in a camping adventure if you are a lover of weapons and outdoor activities.


Reaching the middle age (around 40-50 years) doesn’t mean you cannot employ yourself in the shooting. They can also do it because this hobby has various implications. People can learn firearms and personal defense techniques. The best thing is that with the training, experts will teach you that violence is never the way and that weapons are only used in hunting or in situations of great emergency (when life is at risk). Taking a few shots at the shooting range can teach you to cope with stress and control emotions. And even let off steam from day to day in a controlled environment.


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