Hobbies For Women In Their 30s: Start To Enjoy Life Again


The age of 30 years is a new phase for women. There will be many things that change. You are no longer a teenager. You are an adult woman who must be able to take care of yourself and your family. For those of you, women who are just entering this age, some of the following hobbies can help you adjust without bothering your work. For this, you need to dedicate a little time to yourself to relieve stress. Here is our list of best hobbies for women in their 30s. Let’s review them.

Learning Calligraphy

Let’s start with a great way to increase your productivity, which drops as you spend time at home: Calligraphy! You can improve your handwriting by learning calligraphy in your spare time. In this way, you can even make perfect greeting cards, birthday cards, and various posters after a few practice sessions. You can find calligraphy products on the online platform. So it is not very challenging.

Learning Photography

You can become a photographer with a good course followed by a good camera. Of course, there is a talent, but maybe you can work and take beautiful photos. Besides, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a professional camera to take good pictures. Thanks to increasing qualitative mobile phones with advanced camera quality, you can learn how to take great photos. Moreover, if you become certified and specialized in a specific field, you can also earn good money in birth photography or wedding photography.


Writing is a creative hobby that can produce deep satisfaction, whether we are talking about an article or a specific topic, an essay, a novel, or poetry. You express what you feel or what your imagination allows you to elaborate, while you can develop your talent and see how your effort has a concrete result.


Cooking is, for many, an exciting activity. It is a perishable art in which imagination, effort, and physical and mental activity can come into play. It requires concentration, and it is even possible to do it in a group. It also requires experiments with different substances, textures, and tastes. 

Brew Kombucha

The benefits of kombucha do not end with counting. You can also prepare this miraculous drink at home, which destroys harmful bacteria in the body. Besides, it also protects against lung diseases and strengthens the immune system. Furthermore, you can easily get the ingredients for this drink online.

Continue Your Education

You were out of college a long time ago, but you have in your collection if you are not satisfied with the certificates you have. You can do a favor on yourself and explore new things by continuing your further studies, even in your 30s. Take an art class on the weekends, attend a conference at your university, start an online course, etc. learning is literally at your fingertips.

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Create Journal-Bulletin

Bullet journaling is a method of creating a notebook that has become popular, especially in recent years. If you love fancy notebooks, lengthy “To Do” lists, colored pencils, a bullet journal is for you. All you have to do is buy a bullet journal and let your creativity flow.

Doing Yoga

Another activity that does not end with counting benefits. If you want to add some sport to your sedentary days, you can give yoga a chance. This activity, which you can easily do even in a small area, will help your mind stagnate and stretch your body. If you are interested in yoga practice, don’t wait for more; just go with it.

Learning A New Language

How would you like to turn this time you spend at home into an opportunity? Yes, learning a new language is not easy. However, there is no need to escape from the thought of learning a new language by using this as an excuse. It is possible to learn daily conversations in a few weeks by sparing a few hours a day. Moreover, learning a language is much easier than before. Today there are many phone applications or websites where you can learn different languages.


Knitting is a classic but effective hobby. If you have stressful days, knitting both keeps your mind busy and calms you down. Not to mention having beautiful scarves and sweaters. Besides, you can find materials for knitting at an online store. Thus it won’t bother you for searching here and there. 

 Learning Coding

Those who want to climb the career ladder, then they should learn to code. Because it is possible to get one step ahead by learning coding during this pandemic time when you get enough time at your home. Moreover, many companies offer various coding lessons free of charges on the internet, so that women who spend time at home do not get bored. There are even phone apps where you can learn simple levels of coding.


Together with the previous hobby or even without accompanying music, dance is a way of moving the body and helping you express your feelings and desires while doing sports. If you do it alone, you can feel authentically free, while if you do it with your partner or with other people, you will have fun. Moreover, if you do something together with dance, it will help make you feel more united.

 Making Slime

The slime that swept the internet world a few years ago is back. If you want to make colorful slime that you can deal with all day long, buy all the ingredients online and start to enjoy the process.


We all need a little calm and breathing in these difficult days. If you want to relieve the tension, you should give meditation a chance. This activity, which both stagnates your mind and reduces your anxiety, is perfect for learning to manage stress. Moreover, meditation is much easier than before. You can learn to meditate using various phone apps or watching YouTube videos.

 Master Simple Life Skills

Learn how to sew a button properly, change a flat tire, fold a fitted sheet, tie a tie, negotiate a raise, make your coffee, attend an event without company, make introductions, talking to strangers, cleaning your bathroom, beating a hangover, pouring wine, making eye contact, all these simple life skills can also be a great hobby for you.

 Make A Calendar

Do yourself a favor and make an accurate calendar with important events. It is a great way to prepare for future events, and it also lets you create something unique. Add everything, such as appointments for coffee, meetings, concerts, weddings, parties, time for yourself, and many more things.

 Making Candles

Let’s continue with another handcraft activity. Get ready to add color to your home by preparing beautiful candles. You can use these candles while meditating or for a romantic dinner. It can even make a great gift. 

 Learning Magic Tricks

Since you have plenty of time, you can learn magic tricks too. When this whole process is over, you can surprise your friends with small tricks and make YouTube videos. And for this, you will need a few items, but don’t worry, you will get everything needed for a magic trick online.  

 Learn Cross Stitching

We continue with very lovely handwork: Cross Stitch. It is also possible to use sweet cross stitches for home decoration to prepare for your lover, friends, or family.

 Redecorating The House

It is also a good idea to redecorate your home in your spare time. In this way, you will be expertise in home maintenance and also will be able to give a clean space to your family. Besides, it is an exercise too, because redecorating requires you to put your energy at work. And in this way, you will lose some calories and weight.

 Make Friends Of All Ages

Get out of your bubble of same-age friends. To achieve this, start practicing a hobby that you have always wanted to do. Try to become social and be friends with everyone around you. Sign up for a new exercise class—volunteer at an institution. Without a doubt, the old people you know are some of the best friends you have ever had. But still, you need to make friends from out of your community (age). They can offer you great insight and advice.

 Learn To Play The Ukulele

One of the most enjoyable instruments you can learn in a short time, the ukulele is great for relieving stress and spending time. Moreover, the price is quite affordable compared to other instruments. Therefore, playing the ukulele is also a great hobby for women these days.

 Making Karaoke

Let’s finish our list with an activity that will cheer up your whole family. Karaoke, which will enliven your quiet evenings, is perfect for changing the atmosphere of your home. And in recent years, it has become quite popular. It is not only popular among the young generation but also among elderly and middle-aged women like to do it so that they can have some fun.


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