How to make whipped Shea butter recipe (with and without heat)


Whipped shea butter proves to be an amazing health benefit for your dry skin to repair it faster and smoother. The recipe for making shea butter is just a process of about 15-20 minutes and you have nothing to do so much professional in making shea butter. It can be prepared in two popular methods. One is prepared by the traditional method which is taken place without the involvement of the heat. The second one is prepared with the involvement of the heat. Let’s look at both the process in detail about the process and instructions.

Method 1: Prepare whipped shea butter without heat

It is a very simple process that you can perform in your kitchen very safely. You don’t need any advanced types of equipment for this process. You just need certain basic things which are required for the preparation of the whipped shea butter and then you need to follow all the steps carefully to get a perfect outcome for maximum results. This homemade shea butter will be free from the harmful chemical pesticides and contaminations which will be very helpful for your sensitive skin and hairs. This traditional method is considered to be very safe because it does not involve any kind of heat process and thus it is believed that all the nutritional value of the added items are residing within the ingredients.

Instructions to prepare

  1. You need to first take the shea butter in a pot in which you can easily mast it by using a fork or any hard utensils for fine particles of the shea butter.
  2. After mashing the shea butter, you need to make it lighter. To do this, you have to add oils like argon oil, coconut oil and base oils to get more fine quality.
  1. After this step, you can use either a mixer or a grinder to make the shea butter more fluffy. You have to mix it for about 15 minutes to get a better result.
  2. Now it is the time to mix some essential oils in the fluffy shea butter to give it more nutrients. In this way, it will be more effective to work on your sensitive skin to give besthe best result.
  1. Now the whipped shea butter is fully prepared you can transfer it in an airtight box or jar to keep it safe. You can now apply it anytime and anywhere you want.


  1. Collect ½ bowl of fine and pure shea butter of good quality which can be used for further process.
  2. You will need an argon oil of around 3 tablespoons for the smooth and fluffy shea butter.
  3. Get some drops of essential oils like lavender or jojoba oils for better nutritional value.
  4. You will need either a mixer or a grinder to mix your shea butter and oils.
  5. A small jar in which you will place the final prepared whipped shea butter.


The pros of the process are that it does not involve any kind of heal process and thus you are safe from the fear of burning. Even you will not destroy your recipe in the heat process because sometimes beginners do not know the correct timing of heat providing to the process. Also, you will get all the items ready in your kitchen.


These traditional methods do not stimulate the nutritional value of the added ingredients because It is believed that the heat is the only thing which purifies the harmful bacteria and germs from the added ingredients.

Method 2: Prepare whipped shea butter with heat

Melted shea butter helps in preparing a soft and silky whipped shea butter which helps in quick absorption and quick action on your skin. It also helps in smooth processing of preparation of whipped shea butter. This perfect textured whipped shea buttercream will take care of your skin in an advanced way. It will simply apply on your skin and then gently get absorb within a few minutes and it will also give you long time moisturiser. You can apply it daily on your dry skin and it will not cause any harm to your body. Using this cream on daily basis will help you to get rid of itches.

Instructions to prepare

  1. The raw shea butter which you got with you needs to be boiled in the pot. The shea butter melts very quickly on fast heat hence to make it smooth, you have to boil it on low heat for around 25 minutes.
  1. Now to prevent the graininess, you have to keep it in the refrigerator just after it gets its heating process completed. It is scientifically studied in many cases that shifting the shea butter from direct heat to the cold storage can prevent graininess.
  2. You then have to take it out of the cold storage after 15 minutes and then start mixing the shea butter with your mixer. At the first time, the shea butter will get into whole liquid form and then after you have to again place it in the cold storage. When you do the same process on the second time then it will begin to get hard on the corners of the container. You have to repeat this process until you will get creamy texture in the container.
  3. Once you get creamy like texture, then you have to add oils to make it more smooth. After adding the oils, you have to mix it again to get better form.
  1. After this, you need to add essential oils to get more nutritional value in the cream. Mis it well again to get the final texture.
  2. Collect the prepared whipped shea buttercream in a safe container to use it as per your convenience.


  1. Get a good quality raw shea butter and essential oils like lavender and jojoba oils.
  2. 1 small container or pot to boil shea butter.
  3. Mixer or grinder to mix the shea butter well.
  4. Stove or a boiler to melt the shea butter.


It will give you the purest form of the shea butter with maximum nutritional benefits and good textured quality. It will be very soft and silky-textured quality to apply on your skin and hairs.


The process is very long and hectic and it involves a very hard process for the beginners. All the steps need to be done correctly for the best result.


Both the process will help you get a good quality whipped shea buttercream and you need to perform the process in a step by step order to get the maximum benefits. Applying this correctly on your skin and hair will provide you with good results.


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