Best Hacks For Making A Tattoo Heal Quickly

Best Hacks For Making A Tattoo Heal Quickly

Just got your first tattoo? Well, congratulations! You must be feeling so incredible and maybe a little unsure too, isn’t it? Quite a mix of contrasting feelings! It’s totally normal. If it is about how much time your tattoo would take to get healed completely, you are on the same page like most other beginners. So, there is absolutely no need to panic! Getting a tattoo is the first step and taking care of it, especially in the initial few days becomes something very important. If not taken care of properly, it might cause infections or rashes on the skin accompanied by fading off of the ink. But it is not as horrifying as it might sound. If taken proper care, the tattoo would get healed very quickly. There are some hacks that can be used to pace up the healing process.

10 Best Hacks For Making A Tattoo Heal Quickly

1. Wash with Lukewarm Water

Once you come home, you can try washing your tattooed area using lukewarm water. It reduces the chances of catching rashes or other skin infections. One thing you must ensure is to use water at the perfect temperature. Avoid very hot water at all conditions. It will worsen the situation to a large extent causing burns and boils on the skin. You should treat a tattoo like a fresh open wound which takes time to heal. Using harsh methods will only worsen the situation. So, make sure you clean it with lukewarm water and that too by gently rubbing the area using your palms. Any rush in this regard can cause problems. So, be very cautious!

2. Avoid Scratching It

At times, you will be tempted to let everything go and just scratch the affected area. But here, you need self-control. Tattooed skin is bound to feel itchy at times. This is just a signal that your tattoo is getting healed and will soon be completing the healing process. If you just scratch it, it might come off. This is not what you got a tattoo for, is it? It can be quite difficult to resist this temptation, but this is something that needs to be avoided at all costs. You don’t want all the patience and pain to just vanish way, right? So, take it as a positive stance that the healing process is progressing.

3. Never Re-Bandage It

This is the most common mistake most first-timers do. Once you remove the bandage off your tattoo, don’t ever think about covering it again. Even your tattoo needs to breathe in order to heal! And you would not want to make it lose all contact with air if you want the process to speed up. Re-bandaging it again will not let the moisture escape which will postpone the healing process. This is something totally opposite of what you wish. So, let the tattooed area be open in contact with air. This will make the tattoo heal naturally just like any other bruise.

4. Use the Right Ointment

Tattooed skin is much more prone to catching infections. To avoid this, using the right ointment becomes very important. The kind of ointment you should use can vary as per your skin type. However, some of the common ones recommended by tattoo artists include A+D and Aquaphor. You must make sure that you are not allergic to them before actually using them, otherwise, it might even trigger the skin infections. You can also consult your skin doctor if you are already suffering from some special skin conditions. Choosing the right ointment can provide proper healing by reducing any chances of skin allergies.

5. Don’t Use too much Ointment

Using an ointment is good but using it in the right amount is even more important. An excess of anything can be harmful. Same is the case with applying ointment. If too much of it is applied to the tattooed area, it might leave your skin with excessive moisture which, in turn, cuts off the contact of the skin with air. Thus, putting a very thick layer of it must be avoided. Applying it in a very less proportion is recommended. It should be a very delicate and thin layer such that it does not cut off any contact with air. Again, it is the same ideology behind it, that is, ‘let your tattoo breathe!’

6. Avoid using Scented Lotions

After using the ointments, comes the time to apply lotion. Can you do that? Yes, sure you can! But here’s a condition, you should strictly avoid using regular scented lotions. Using scented lotions can react with your skin and cause allergic reactions which will eventually slow down the healing process. These reactions are caused by fragrance producing chemicals that are hyperactive in reacting with sensitive skin. Thus, make sure to go for a simple, non-scented lotion. Again, apply a very thin layer to avoid the resting of too much moisture on the skin.

7. Reduce Long Bathing Sessions

There is no wonder in the fact that everyone absolutely loves those amazing, long baths! They not only soothe you but also removes all the stresses that daily routine brings along. Getting addicted to long baths is something very common. But now that you have got a tattoo, you need to avoid them in the initial few days. Taking long baths would soak your tattooed skin in the water for a longer time. Cutting off of contact with air again poses the same problem leading to slower healing. So, in the initial days, you can go for a little bargain and content yourself with just showers. You can do this for your tattoo, isn’t it?

8. Let the Dead Skin Peel off Naturally

This is another common mistake most beginners commit. When the tattooed skin is about to finish the healing process, the dead skin starts coming off. People start feeling the urge to peel it off using their nails thinking that it would increase the pace of the healing process. However, this is not true! In fact, peeling it off by rubbing it or using your nails might even leave it in a worse condition. It might even increase the chances of getting rashes. You would not want that, especially when the healing process is about to be over, right? So, be patient and let the dead skin get peeled off naturally.

9. No More Pool Parties

Even if you love pool parties, you must try to avoid them when your tattoo is healing. The chlorinated water in pools can be very tough on your sensitive skin. The chances of it reacting with the tattooed skin are extremely high. What would be the result? Skin infections and rashes! And you definitely don’t wish to have them. So, it would be better if you postpone your pool parties for a while. When your tattoo gets healed properly, you can go and show your tattoo off to everyone! But stay calm and avoid them when it is still undergoing the healing process.

10. Use a Good Sunscreen

You should try to avoid exposing your tattoo off when the sun is too bright. Too much heat from the sun can fade off the ink of the tattoo, rendering the whole process useless. If it is an emergency, you must apply a good-quality sunscreen before going out in the sun. A sunscreen that contains Zinc Oxide is recommended to avoid any fading off of the ink. You can use it daily but in very small proportions to help it get healed faster. So, avoiding the sun would mean putting your tanning sessions on a halt. You can be free from all these restrictions once your tattoo gets healed!


Too many restraints? Think about the beautiful tattoo you get at the end! The thought of it will motivate you each day to keep following the hacks. Incorporating these little hacks in your life might sound a bit frustrating but, in the end, it’s it all worth it, and you know it!


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