Top 5 ways to un-perm or straighten hairs

ways to un-perm or straighten hairs

Straight hair looks appealing always. And one cannot take away from the fact that straight hair has always been able to compliment all sorts of the face. Hence, people with curly hair or even people with wavy hair long to straighten their hair and have a super smooth texture that can give a more glamorous look. Straightening the hair using chemicals can cause loss of hair and even affect the hair quality. but there are few ways with the help of which one can straighten the hair and still not mess up with the quality of the hair. So if you think that chemicals might not suit you and you want some other ways of writing your hair the new step that the right place. This is an article that will discuss and details the five ways to straighten or un-perm the hair.

Repeated washing


Repeated washing: It is recognized as one of the most effective ways of straightening hairs. you can always use a regular shampoo but if you want effective results then you should use straightening shampoo and conditioner. Hence you are including no chemical in the process but still, you can achieve straight hair. This process can also be effective if you keep on coming to your hair after the wash. It helps you see a temporary but straight hair which lasts for about a day. So if you are heading to a party or a day out and you need to straighten your hair, then you can use it this way. And if you or someone who regularly washes hairs then you can see effective results sooner. But make sure that you are not dying your hair or coloring your hair while continuing the process. Because the hair dye is again another chemically loaded product that causes harm to your hair roots. So if you want straight beautiful hair with a smooth texture then make sure that you are regularly using your shampoo and conditioner and washing your hairs to see the effective result in the long run.

Using re-constructors


We all love permanent solutions but at times we require a quick fix way to look a certain way. So, if you want straight hairs for an occasion then you should go for re-constructors. These are products with fewer chemicals and are the quick formula to straighten hair and make the texture incredibly softer. The ingredients indulged in these products are mainly keratin amino acids and necessary oils and vitamins. These ingredients are virtuous for the health of your hair. So, for a temporary result, you can use this product and straighten your hair but a single application of the product can only stay for a day. These products are recognized as perfect hair styling products and do not involve much chemical effect. And after one use you can note the difference in your hair. Even if you have damaged hairs, using this product you can achieve straight hair with no split ends and bouncy texture. This is enough to set up your look for an occasion and you need not work more to straighten the texture of your hair.

Flat iron


Straightening your hair can appear to see if you go for an authentic process that shows the permanent result on your hair. But this process harms your hair follicles and your hair gets confused on how to react to that chemical product. This causes immense hair loss and loss of important hair oils. but if you are seeking occasional straightening of hair, then you need not go through that hectic process. You can use a flat iron to straighten your hair. This might appear scary but if taken proper care then the process becomes super easy and convenient. You need to take proper care before you go through the process. Make sure that you are not ironing your hair from the very root so that it can be safe. Start with holding the handle properly so that you are not burning yourself throughout the process. With minimal damage, you can get straight hair for a day or two. You can even use thermal protection to control the damage caused. But make sure that you are not using the flat iron directly on your hair without using thermal protection. And in this way you can find your split ends miraculously vanishing for a day and you can flaunt your smooth and straight hair for an occasion.

Eggs and olive oil


you can also achieve slow but permanent results of hair straightening by using a few natural ingredients. Eggs and olive oil form a huge hair supplement that can show the miraculous result in enhancing the texture of your hair and you can also feel or relatively lesser hair fall after a few uses. The egg is a fine conditioner for your hair which is an active ingredient in conditioning your hair deeply. And olive oil acts as a hair protector. This natural and enriching hair mask can also be easily prepared at home. So there is no mess of looking for a product in the nearby stores. Make sure that you use this mask thrice a week. You can use egg white and olive oil and apply them on hair. Let the mask sit on your hair for an hour or so and then wash hair properly with shampoo. Do not forget to use a conditioner on your hair. Hence you can note permanent results in the texture of your hair after a few months.

Hot oil massage


And the last tip on straightening your hair will not surprise you anyway. Because this is something that we have been hearing since childhood. So, the secret but not-a-secret is the hot oil massage. This practice can be a solution for most of your problems with your hair. Hot oil massage not only straightens the texture of your hair but also relaxes you from mundane activities. Above all, it induces immense blood circulation and also curbs the hair fall. Before going for hair wash, you can have a hot oil massage and then let the oil be on your hair for a couple of hours. After that use a regular shampoo and wash it properly. You can vividly observe the difference in the texture of your hair. If you continue the practice for a long run then you can have straight hair in volumes.

Final Words

These were the few best ways of straightening hairs if you are someone who does not want to mess up with the quality of the hair or is afraid of chemical treatments. These ways do not involve chemical processes and this is why these are recommended in the article. If you want straight hair then you can go for any of these processes. You can have smooth and straight hair by following these tips and above all, you will not and up shocking your hair follicles with products loaded with chemicals.


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