Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast


It’s not as easy as other people think – and not necessarily inexpensive to go to a salon to get your hair done. We get straight from a visit to a salon if only we can keep the haircut. The issue is that your hair grows shy of the beauty of your haircut.

I write about this issue because I am about to speak to you about one of my most significant hair problems: quick regeneration. I know that for most people, including those seeking to evolve as quickly as possible, this does not sound like a significant deal.

The care involved with visiting the lounge can be relaxing and friendly, but it can become a challenge for you if you cram it into your jam-packed calendar. That’s why we want to keep the cut we have (especially if it is right for you!) as much as possible.

The triste part is that there are many of us with high-speed hair development. You might wonder – why does my hair proliferate? If you are one of them. Frankly, I’m one of them (my hair doesn’t seem to remain short even for a month!), so I’ve done my homework and kept reading to see the things I’ve learned.

There are many causes to develop rapidly, but the good news is that none of them are illness signs.

In reality, it may mean that you’re doing everything well with your body for most people who have first noticed this. These are the significant factors for rapid hair growth:

Let me first mention there are many explanations why your hair gets longer, but the good news is that none of these are signs of sickness so that you can feel better too early! Accelerated hair growth may be an indication that you’re treating your body well.

Some of the typical explanations for the rapid growth of your hair are below:

Hormones :

Human hair can average up to 6 centimeters annually. In most cases, hair growth does not relate much to our products, but more to our hormones.

This might mean that it has more male hormones-especially testosterone or androgens-for women who have observed an increase in hair growth, especially in areas where the hair is supposed to be scarce.

This is usually not something that affects one’s health seriously. However, you have to visit your doctor to discuss this symptom together with other serious factors. The effect of a hormonal imbalance problem can be your growth in the hair.

The average hair growth rate is about 6 inches per year, according to studies. But if you have faster growth in your hair, it could be related to your body hormone levels.

You have a chance of having high levels of testosterone or androgen (masculinity hormones) when you’re a woman, and your hair grows quicker than usual, or you have found hair growth in parts of the body that are supposed to be spacious.

Honestly, this is not a cause for alarm, and sometimes it does not negatively impact your fitness. However, if development has few other signs, you may need to see a physician because it may be a sign of hormonal imbalance.


Blood Circulations :

I was advised to keep brushing my hair when I was younger if I wanted it to grow quicker. As a kid who had long hair, I did about 50 brush strokes every day. And boy, it worked to the extent where fast hair growth, even today, became an urgent issue for me.

My theory has always been that brushing applies to my hair effortlessly as if my brush had a vast purpose I don’t recognize. However, science currently suggests the daily cleaning of hair follicles increases blood circulation.

Experts recommend that 50 brush strokes a day will allow you to keep your hair long and healthy. While the number of strokes is contentious (many people don’t even know that they have 50), the brushing recommendation is rational.

As you can see, brushing your hair will improve your scalp and hair follicles’ blood circulation. Your hair will obtain the right amount of nutrients required to pave the way for safe hair growth with good circulation.

Besides the shaving, you will even get the same health advantages from a scalp massage.

Your hair follicle is safe enough for sufficient blood supply to supply hair for nutrients. Hair massaging can often serve to increase blood supply sometimes.

This usually means that both your body and your general wellbeing are doing everything right.


Pregnancy :

Many pregnant women can see a difference in the pace of their hair’s growth — it would be quicker, and this is statistically supported. You can undergo different physical changes, significantly hormonal changes, because of the baby inside your body.

In the first trimester, androgen levels can increase in the body and make hair expand and develop in various bodies. The androgen (female hormone) will eventually be converted into estrogen in your body. However fast hair growth will still occur.


Portion and vitamin consumption :

Our hair is protein, which can contribute to fast hair development. Protein intake. Do not be shocked if you have lots of protein-rich nutritional options, or you want to beat protein shakes if your hair grows faster than expected.

The same goes for biotin. Many hair products include biotin, a component that can stimulate hair growth (e.g., Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins). You will want to check the ingredients of the shampoo, conditioner, or beauty items you use because your hair is developing faster than average.

If you assume that the cause of your rapid hair growth is protein intake, you incline to avoid consuming protein-rich food. Remember that it is a must for good health to consume protein, so it is not wise to skip it entirely.


The only thing you can do is reduce your protein intake to a more acceptable degree rather than eliminate protein from your diet.

Now I hope you no longer think about hair growth as a good and safe thing, but you know that improved hair growth is also positive.

Nevertheless, I know that it can be distracting to keep hair overgrowing. Here you can follow any tips:

Soy Intake Rise-

Soy ingredients serve as hair growth inhibitors. If you eat more soy milk or tofu or add soy milk products, soy products will improve you and your hair shine.

Try to wax-

Though exhausting and unpleasant to some people, waxing will slow down hair regrowth and make it smoother than during replenishment.

Using a cream promoter of hair growth-

For people struggling against the uncontrollable hair growth, hair growth has been slowed down by drugs such as Vaniqa.

Conclusion :

Our hair is our crowning glory; but we still struggle to hit the salon all that much in a year as we want to keep it safe and make it look beautiful. Apart from the apparent problems of time and money, though, many people believe that a fast hair growth may be an indicator that their bodies are incorrect.

The fact of the matter is that a fast production of hair may be due to healthy blood circulation, breastfeeding, hormones or a sufficient intakes of biotin and protein. You ‘re in the open so relax!


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