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XYZ is a community blog where we allow you to write for us regarding topics like Fashion, beauty health & lifestyle. We are determined to present some fresh and creative article regarding the above topics in this zodiaclifestyle community blog hence if you are the one, who have zeel to write and have immense curiosity about any of this topic you are welcome to join hand and make masterclass article for our blog.

We are searching for original content and we would like to listen to your ideas. Our prime focus to provide fresh and concise content for our readers on the zodiaclifestyle blog if you think that you are capable of writing a fresh article on any of the above topics we would like to suggest you please consider yourself writing for us in the zodiaclifestyle blog.

Beauty is considered as one of the characteristics carried out by a person or object which only can be perceived by sense.  Beauty is to enhance your appearance and your inner beauty and it is also a way to represent yourself through art like painting over your face and same goes for fashion, your dressing sense is another way to make you comfortable in front of others. Perfect makeup and perfect dress up can your satisfaction. Here in this community blog, we help our readers to enhance their beauty and increase their fashion sense by providing the right guidance with modern and latest tools and options available in the market.

Guidelines to Follow for Our Guest Posting

Below are the following guidelines that we expect you to consider if you are thinking to share your Ideas with our XYZ community blog.

Length of the Article

A very informative and well-researched article with more than 1500 words that must be very engaging and competent with search engine and would be in very lucid language, those we expect you to consider about the length of the article if you are writing for XYZ community blog. You are not asked to put unnecessary sentences or repeating the same words again and again and your article must grammatically correct (to check grammatical errors you can use any tools from the internet). Lastly, you need to write a fresh article and it should not be copied from other web pages if you are intended to do so please excuse us because we have a dedicated team to check.


Topics are very important things to deal with if you are writing for our community blog because writing on the right topics will ensure that that your article soon go live on our blog, to make sure these things to have happened you need to select topics from our personalized categories which are as follows-






It would be great if you are writing your write-ups according to these categories and send your article to us, if we find your article is related to our blog we will get back to you and would happy to post your article on our zodiaclifestyle community blog.

External Links

you can add even a backlink if you are writing a related and relevant article for us and your blog too, however, we at zodiaclifestyle community blog can allow you only for one backlink and only consider the relevant point for your blog. If you don’t know what external links are let me tell you, External links are kind of hyperlinks that help to reach out to you for the future can also be considered as a link that directs us to your blog. Hence we would suggest you please add one external link at the end and help us to get back to you in the future as soon as possible.

Selling Stuff

If you are writing for us we would like to request you that please do not use the Guest posting blog for promotion or branding for other products or any other commercial site as it comes under the “Advertising” section and we at zodiaclifestyle community blog would not accept your write up if it is promoting other products or branding other pages we have strict rules for that, but if you are searching for sponsored post opportunity that comes under other section for zodiaclifestyle blog, thus you can get back to us for the same with the subject line ” Sponsered & Advertisement”.

Make your articles Readers Friendly

when an article is engaging and readers friendly it become very easy for readers to connect them with whatever they are reading, hence whenever you are thinking to share your ideas we want your article to be very concise and easy to understand at the same time very engaging.

To engage more readers you can design your write-up by providing subheadings, headings even you can provide relevant bullet points and can Bold the words where is necessary to make it search engine friendly. Make your article powerful with conveying words and relevant points, we would be happy to live you’re your article with our blog.


when you are thinking to share your ideas with us by writing a blog related to the personalized categories by our team. you are not allowed to publish any write-up which is copy-pasted from other websites, and if we found that your article is plagiarized, we will strictly remove your article as per our community guidelines as we don’t appreciate this kind of hard work.

How to submit the Guest post

If you are planning to submit your article we would suggest you please share your ideas and pitch first with us through email serptrustmarketing@gmail.com and if you like your ideas we will get back to you ASAP.

This is the format that you need to follow when you sharing your ideas with us through email.

  • Subject:- Guest posting or Advertising
  • Topic ideas.
  • External links: the website you wish to link.

We will get back to you for sure if you consider following our guidelines.

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In sum, we greet and incentivize all our experienced and novice authors to present their writing skills to our readers on our online platform. The main objective, through your creative writing, is to involve more and more readers on our XYZ community blog and end up making this platform resilient with up-to-date relevant data. Choose your favorite category and join your hand to enlarge this online platform.

Let us grow together!